These reports are the product of more than two decades of research. During this time our production and presentation formats have changed considerably. Most of the reports are provided as hyperlinked PDF files (our PDF Report Library) with accompanying digital datasets in Excel, GIS, LAS formats where appropriate. This includes the older reports which were originally provided in hard copy. Our latest report, the Iraq Petroleum Geology Resource Centre, is accessible on-line as a password-controlled website.

Iraq Petroleum Geology Resource Centre Website

The IPGRC website provides online access to an extensive dataset of composite logs, well data sheets, field data sheets, etc. The on-line format enables the content to be regularly updated as new information is released.

PDF Report Library

All report volumes and enclosures are presented as separate PDF files with hyperlinks to allow navigation within and between the different reports and documents. In this way all the reports can be accessed from a single opening page. We term this format our "PDF Report Library". The report text volumes are generally presented as "searchable text". The figures, well logs, maps, photomicrographs, geochemical traces and enclosures are mostly presented as colour/monochrome raster scanned images. The contents of all the pdf's have bookmark indexes and hyperlinks to associated documents.

Open the file ReportLibraryEG.pdf to see an example of the pdf formats.

Alpha-Numeric digital data formats

In addition to the online and pdf format reports thare are also digital alpha-numeric data sets associated with several reports. These are presented in standard digital formats:

Wireline log data are presented in LAS (Log ASCII Standard) format.

Other alpha-numeric data are provided as Excel Spreadsheets. These include datasets of formation tops, basic well data, show data, DST data, field data, geochemical data.

Selected map data are provided in MapInfo Export format and as geoTiff files. These include facies maps, contour maps, well locations, regional geology and structure maps.

Many of our petrographic logs were originally hand-drafted. Conversion of the lithology and other graphic data sets to digital format is in progress. The data are provided in Excel spreadsheets, to allow import and manipulation in in-house geological software packages. Please contact PGA for an up to date list of available wells.

Data already in digital format

Data already available in digital format are summarised below: