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Iraq Petroleum Geology Resource Centre:

A new website for the petroleum geology of Iraq (IPGRC).
Available at a reduced price to licensees of the precursor Iraq Overview Report.
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Iraq Petrographic Log and Photomicrograph Image Dataset:

Petrographic logs for 32 wells and 6 outcrop sections and 5500 photomicrograph images (complete)
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Six Sedimentology Reports:

Jurassic to Permian Rocks of Northern Iraq (1987)
Cretaceous Rocks of Northern Iraq (1989)
Ordovician to Tertiary Rocks of Syria (1991)
Cretaceous Rocks of Southern Iraq (1994)
Palaeozoic of Iraq and Adjacent Areas (1998)
Mesozoic Outcrops of Iraq (2003)

Two Petroleum Geochemistry Reports:

Oils, Shows and Source Rocks of Iraq: Source Rock and Oil Character, Biomarker Correlations and Exploration Implications (1993)

Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry of the Middle East (1985)
2010 Price Reduction from £84,000 to £42,000


Iraq Overview Report: Petroleum Geology and Exploration Potential of Iraq (2006)

Note: As of April 2013, this report has been updated and replaced by IPGRC the Iraq Petroleum Geology Resource Centre